Boogie – a harp instrumental based on a Little Walter song by the same name. This is the first song on the “Keep On Rollin’ record. Jeff Hester and Phil Schmid – guitar, Jack Taylor – bass, and Dave Larson – drums.

Keep on Rollin’ – back in another life, Jay lived in a couple of very small towns. He was inspired to put this Jimmy Reed inspired song together as a result of those experiences.  Same personnel as Boogie.

Rocket 88 – this is a cover of a James Cotton arrangement of what some musicologists consider the first ever rock-n-roll song. It was recorded live, off the board by Greg Harder at the 2008 Blues Harp Fest. Dan Schwalbe and Phil Schmid – guitar, Bill Black – bass, Jeremy Johnson – drums, and Bruce McCabe – piano. All the songs recorded at the Harp Fest were played cold, with no rehearsal.

Early Saturday Morning – this is a song Jay wrote in honor of his dad. It too was recorded live at the Harp Fest with the same personnel as Rocket 88. It’s a bit rough due to no rehearsal, but it’s about his dad and he wants some people to hear it.

Moody Blues – don’t know if the rock band took it’s name from this Slim Harpo song, but it’s a cool instrumental. Again, recorded live at the Harp Fest with the same personnel, and Bruce McCabe plays a terrific solo.

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