Boogie – a harp instrumental based on a Little Walter song by the same name. This is the first song on the “Keep On Rollin’ record. Jeff Hester and Phil Schmid – guitar, Jack Taylor – bass, and Dave Larson – drums.

Keep on Rollin’ – back in another life, Jay lived in a couple of very small towns. He was inspired to put this Jimmy Reed inspired song together as a result of those experiences.  Same personnel as Boogie.

Rocket 88 – this is a cover of a James Cotton arrangement of what some musicologists consider the first ever rock-n-roll song. It was recorded live, off the board by Greg Harder at the 2008 Blues Harp Fest. Dan Schwalbe and Phil Schmid – guitar, Bill Black – bass, Jeremy Johnson – drums, and Bruce McCabe – piano. All the songs recorded at the Harp Fest were played cold, with no rehearsal.

Early Saturday Morning – this is a song Jay wrote in honor of his dad. It too was recorded live at the Harp Fest with the same personnel as Rocket 88. It’s a bit rough due to no rehearsal, but it’s about his dad and he wants some people to hear it.

Moody Blues – don’t know if the rock band took it’s name from this Slim Harpo song, but it’s a cool instrumental. Again, recorded live at the Harp Fest with the same personnel, and Bruce McCabe plays a terrific solo.


“The personnel behind Jay’s harp varies, but the lineup is guaranteed to be top notch.”

These are folks I’ve shared a stage or studio with:

Dan Schwalbe
John Franken
Phil Schmid
Jeff Hester
Jon Gunvaldson
Jeremy Johnson
Alex “Crankshaft” Larson
Curt Obeda
Ted Larson
Dave Sanny
John Schroder
Bill Black
Keith Boyles
Grant Wibben
Jack Taylor
Bruce McCabe
Mike Shaw
Marty Bryduck
Dave Larson
Greg Shuck
Dwight Dario
Rob Stupka

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